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Bishopsfield Capital Partners is led by a management team with over two decades of experience in lending, structuring, and arranging funding solutions. The London-based boutique is known for its astute decision-making — and for delivering on its promises. It has attracted a loyal client base and has a steady flow of repeat business. Bishopsfield encourages staff to think like entrepreneurs, putting clients first and focusing on quality service. It works with financial institutions, large and medium-sized corporations, and institutional investors across Western Europe, providing monitoring, surveillance and advisory services. Read more

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Winner of Best Funding Solutions Boutique UK 2021 – Capital Finance
— Sept 7th, 2021

A new lending platform will provide medium-sized companies access to loans from institutional investors. The platform, which is called Aymz, is initially intended for borrowers active in the real estate sector. Other sectors will be added later… ABN AMRO holds a 51% interest in Aymz, with Bishopsfield Capital Partners holding the remaining 49%. “We present the lending opportunities to three of our approximately thirty clients,” said Steve Curry, partner at Bishopsfield Capital Partners. “If the number of loans expands, we will involve more parties.”

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Lending platform connects investor to medium-sized companies
— June 29th, 2021
Businesses that want to grow, need various forms of financing. Organising this and finding financing partners can be a challenging, intensive process. The digital lending platform Aymz offers a solution…Steve Curry, Founding Partner of Bishopsfield Capital Partners: “Institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies are playing an increasingly important role in the debt markets. Aymz is an efficient platform for medium-sized commercial clients to access an additional, new source of financing.”

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New ABN AMRO lending platform connects Dutch mid-sized companies with institutional investors
— July 1st, 2021

Conventional wisdom states that investors gain comfort from additional ratings and that therefore extra ratings on a security would go hand-in-hand with lower coupon payments. However, based on the conclusions of a study undertaken alongside Frank Fabozzi and Dennis Vink, Bishopsfield Capital Partners partner and co-founder Mike Nawas has come to the opposite conclusion. “The evidence shows that investors actually demand greater compensation for additional ratings,” he says.

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Flawed logic: Regulators' confidence in extra ratings 'misplaced'
— January 13th, 2017
It is impossible to predict when the securitization market will re-emerge as a major source of liquidity. This could occur once the market believes that it has reached the final stages of the global regulatory response to the 2007-2008 securitisation market disruptions and therefore the regulatory environment has become stable. Alternatively, a re-emergence of securitization could be prompted by the paring back of the quantitative easing programs, when banks begin to experience a rising costs of liquidity.  In any event, at some point the market will begin to grow again, and supply and demand will re-find equilibrium. Therefore it is important to ask ourselves the question: what would equilibrium prices look like and what would determine them?” Mike Nawas

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Securitization Pricing in a Post-Crisis Market
— June 15th, 2016

The capital that you have to hold against Mortgage Backed Securities is very high and the returns are low, so people are looking for yield pickup [via mortgages]… Because of the long fixed term, it helps pension funds and insurance companies with their asset liability management.Arjan van Bussel

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Dutch pension funds turn mortgage lenders
— October 15th, 2015
“It’s a step in the right direction, but the issue is no longer over investor confidence. The regulators need to start aligning these regulations more appropriately to the risk associated with the product…People are realistic when it comes to securitisation, but there remain a number of fears. Along with uncertainty as to how any proposals on capital relief are policed, there is a worry that the costs of administering the necessary conditions to fit capital compliance could offset the potential benefits.”  Simon Collingridge
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Capital plan - Definitional issues weigh on HQS progress
— August 21st, 2015
Simon Collingridge, formerly of Standard & Poor’s but now working at Bishopsfield Capital Partners, the boutique set up by former ABN Amro bankers Mike Nawas and Steve Curry, said ABS was the perfect asset class for a world with tougher due diligence requirements. “Securitization lends itself to surveillance in a way that other asset classes do not,” he said, pointing out that assets were segregated and transparent to investors.
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ABS investors plead for regulatory harmony
— June 16th, 2015
Bishopsfield Capital has introduced a new standard for the surveillance of ABS investments in response to regulatory requirements. The standard entails a number of proposals that attempt to maintain formal monitoring procedures for ongoing, timely surveillance and stress-testing of securitisation investments, as well helping investors avoid stringent penalties for non-compliance.”

…A key principle of Bishopsfield’s standard rests on avoiding the preponderance of data. Although the firm states that the availability of data is at a strong level, the ability to use that data remains an issue. Therefore, its proposals attempt to provide investors with guidance in terms of creating a robust framework for using their data.”

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ABS surveillance standard introduced
— May 27th, 2015
“The terms of the 2020 Project Bond initiative include the concept of a controlling creditor. The approach and structure varies, but Bishopsfield Capital Partners is performing this role on Project Castor. This requires it to make recommendations on amendments, consents and waivers on behalf of bondholders and is designed to provide an effective decision making procedure without disenfranchising bondholders.”
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Opinion: why credit enhancement and active institutions are key to European infrastructure
— March 6th, 2015
According to research from financial advisory Bishopsfield Capital Partners, there has been good progress in efforts to create an efficient and effective debt capital markets solution for the funding of infrastructure projects, with some significant evolution over the past 12-18 months.

“The market has made significant strides towards matching institutional investors looking for longer-dated investment assets with borrowers seeking term finance”, said Iain Barbour of Bishopsfield Capital Partners and author of the report. “These institutional investors continue to adapt their ‘product’ to embrace loan-like features whilst borrowers recognise that institutional investors now offer competitive long-term funding solutions.”

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Infra market ‘moving towards’ institutional investors
— April 17th, 2014
Another more promising initiative was the publication earlier this year of a proposition paper by a number of Dutch insurers outlining plans to step up their SME lending. “This is a step in the right direction, and although the amounts committed so far are relatively small, I believe that this will nonetheless have a positive impact on the SME funding gap,”

“The problem is that when the economy recovers, borrowers may find that banks have reached their exposure limits and will be looking to deleverage further in line with Basle III” Arjan van Bussel

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Financing European SMEs – Netherlands: Tight funding for a minority
— January 3rd, 2014
“There’s been a groundswell of investors not actually talking about it but doing it,” says Steve Curry, partner at Bishopsfield Capital, a structured finance adviser. “For banks, making commitments to lend for 20-30 years when their funding costs are higher is unprofitable – as a result you’re now seeing deals exclusively with institutional investors…The more the deals are done, the more deals will come.” 
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Infrastructure bonds grab investor attention
— December 4th, 2013
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